Sunday, August 5, 2012

You know those moments when you think you're pretty hot shit?

This year I finally thought to make copies of some of the pictures my mom has from way back when. Most are adorable baby pictures that illustrate just how much Syd looks like me and also show that Eli got his weird, awkward smile from his mom. But some are just pure awesomeness. Behold

I can pretty much guarantee that Gilette or Billy Joel was playing in the background. Also, pretty sure there's a half can of Herbal Essences hairspray on those perfectly coiffed bangs.

At the time I thought it was perfectly natural for a woman to ask a bunch of delinquent 16 year-olds to model wedding dresses at a bridal show. Even better, she let them all do their own make-up. Now? I'm thinking there was some awful bus accident that kept all the real models from making it. Seriously, one of the other pictures has a girl carrying a baby down the runway.
This one's just adorable. I guess if we really need to mock something, it could be the macrame wall hanging, but really? Curlers and footie pajamas? That's the definition of Hot Shit. 
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    BTW I had the same phone but mine had neon see-able innards.

  2. Wow. let me start by saying I have always thought you were cool. BUT HOLY SHIT!!! COMPLETE HOTNESS, in every single pic. That smile is freaking adorable, I can hardly handle it.

  3. Some lady did my makeup at that bridal show and put disgusting orange lipstick on me.