Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Happys

We pulled out the Christmas tubs tonight and started unpacking all of our decorations. Not much makes me feel more like the matriarch of an actual family than knowing that I have multiple tubs of Christmas decorations. So the kids are ransacking the book box, setting up the "special Christmas toys," and trying to get all of our singing animals to sing at the same time. As they were unpacking, Syd found this little plastic jar that was left over from daycare teacher presents a few years ago. She was putting ornaments, toys, whatever she could find in it. Then she asked if we could put cookies in it. I tried to put her off 1) because I didn't want her walking around with a jug of cookies and 2) because I ALWAYS fill it with pretzel M&Ms and I'm super-flexible like that. But we were out of M&Ms so I acquiesced and let her put leftover gingersnaps (grossest cookie ever, BTW) in. And Eli, in a voice so incredulous said, "But that's for M&Ms!!"

It warms my heart to know that he knows we have a "Special Christmas M&M Jar" and that he was as blown away as I was that we would put anything else in it. Nothing says Christmas like rigid tradition.


  1. Hilarious as always. Man I am the clutter Grinch even with Christmas decor. Must buy signing animals to fight this.

  2. Harry's head almost exploded at Target because Jack picked out Christmas candy for the Hanukkah candy dish. CHAOS.

  3. Man I love reading your blog. It is like this really fine moment of getting completely in your brain.
    and seeing the world from your perspective. I totally LOVE it!!