Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas wrap-up (aka I finally downloaded the pictures off of my phone)

We solved the tree budget dilemma by going to a little-known tree farm. It was very rainy.

And we accidentally came home with a 10 foot tree
I thought I was so smart, getting the obligatory family picture the night before.
They were still pretty crazy though

C completely ignored our agreement to "stay to a budget" and "not use the credit cards" It worked out pretty well for me. Also, I take back every bad thing I ever said about Uggs. I will be buried in these boots.
And this one has officially entered the costume phase. Welcome Tinkerbell!
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!
Eli wants me to caption this "Meant for 8 year olds, built by a 6 year old"
The next day we had a long overdue visit with one of our very favorite families. We talked non-stop for hours while the kids ran amok and Eli tried to compete with a Cinderella carriage. It was so fun!

While my family was still in town we took advantage of a sunny day to go exploring.
Playing hometown tourists
Syd loved the historic school house. I see a slate in her future :) 
Other highlights included a delicious, diabetes friendly Christmas Eve dinner that I classily served on Ikea children's plates because I was all "efficient" and started the dishwasher so I'd have less clean-up afterwards. We found sugar-free chocolate that was not awful, hung out a lot in our jammies, and C and I slept in until 9:00 every morning while the grandparents were in town. It was a really good holiday week.

I have one more day before I have to go back to work (and probably just in time, as I've renewed my lightning fast on-line shopping skillz). I tried to convince C that a lot of women start their maternity leave at 7 months. He reminded me that we've grown accustomed to eating every day. Damn logic and common sense...


  1. We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing you! I think you have sold me on Uggs too :)

  2. I have to admit the Uggs are really cute and I felt so smart to recognize the shoes on a (very hip) co-worker. Love the pictures!