Monday, June 17, 2013

Phone dump

We've been really busy, but it's all the day-to-day, only interesting to us stuff. C and I are starting to have to coordinate schedules, now that the kids are all into stuff and not staring slack jawed at the tv all day. Eli's testing for his yellow belt this week and then this weekend he turns seven (!!!). Syd just started big girl gymnastics. Avery is amazing and beautiful and such a little observer. Also, SUCH a drooler! C is starting a dads group in town ( and I am working very hard not to over-involve myself). I just took on a short-term supervisor position and also got accepted as an adjunct faculty. And we're taking the kids for their first Disneyland trip soon. So lots of stuff, but nothing really fleshed out yet. But we're good. Busy, but good busy.

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