Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So freaking busy

Ten (eleven?) days between posting and still this is going to be disjointed, train of thought style. I have been going non-stop and there's not much of a foreseeable end in sight. I'm still the acting supervisor of my unit and am daily learning all the things I didn't know. My old boss is back as my "mentor" which both helps and complicates things because she's like a state employee hummingbird. I'm teaching one night a week, which is awesome but also a lot of work because I've never done it before. We also picked this exact moment in life to start looking for a house again, so there've been all those associated meetings/showings/zillions of hours spent perusing MLS (side note, holy fuck prices have gone up since last year!) And to top it off, this past week each of us has been struck down by what can only be described as a stomach bug with roid rage. At completely separate times because, of course.
So yeah, busy. And barfy. I don't see the busy part resolving anytime soon but I'm hopeful that we'll get a routine going so that we can go back to eating real food and wearing clean-ish clothes. REALLY hoping the barfy part is over.
In other news, Avery can roll front to back and back to front and keeps getting herself wedged in her gym. Cracks me up every time. And Syd has started asking for a French braid every day. It makes my heart very happy.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is a LOT going on at once! All good things (except for the barfing), but so overwhelming!!

    I hope something gives sometime soon (the barfing?) and you can get some rest! Sweet baby picture!