Sunday, November 3, 2013

Epic Halloween Picture-Fest!

I have been sucking at keeping up on the blog. To make up for it, here are our Halloween highlights!
Syd had her first preschool field trip. C said it was unbelievably adorable. She has a "very best friend in the whole world" and they were inseparable.

Of course, I had to take them back to get my obligatory pumpkin patch pictures. This one was the very first shot. Don't worry, I took about 117 bad ones afterward to make up for it. 

It took a lot of cajoling to get Eli on this swing, but it was totally worth it.

This one. She's so freaking tolerant. 

We took a weekend trip to Disneyland to see it decorated for Halloween. Haunted Mansion for the holidays is AWESOME. (Also, please note that C ruined the single picture in existence where all five of us are smiling genuine smiles and looking at the camera. He feels appropriately chagrined."

And now for costumes!

Thor (with hammer!)

Rapunzel, minus the flowers and braid. 

And Super Averson!

The kids trick-or-treated the new neighborhood with the tribe of the neighbor kids. Eli chose to sell his candy for a Clawzord. Syd saw the toy come, knew what toy she would pick, but ultimately chose to keep her candy. She's not even eating it. I think she just likes to know it's there. If she's smart she'll wait a week or two and sell it to Eli. 
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  1. i LOVE their costumes, especially Avery. Her chubby little legs in the pumpkin pictures are pretty much the cutest ever. Such an adorable family (and you look great!)

  2. I love these pictures!! looks like a great Halloween was had by everyone!!
    miss and love you!