Monday, December 23, 2013


I remember reading The Phantom Tollbooth and reading for the first time the word "din." Man I love that word. It so perfectly describes itself. It also perfectly describes my home.
I have the next week off, and like any other staycation we've had, by day three I'm blown away by just how crazy and loud these people are. This morning was no different.
We were all five, FIVE, of us lying in bed. Wait. I was lying. Averson was "crawling," Sud was "not jumping," and Eli was alternatively draped on my and wallering the baby. Everyone was laughing/talking/screeching/whining. And all I could think was, "we should have another one." I am a sick, sick person. (Totally not having #4. I got the "very bad idea" speech after Avery. But still..,)

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