Friday, May 16, 2014

Last hurrah

Our passes to Disneyland expire soon and C and and I have decided that we'll renew on alternate years. This came about when we realized what other vacations we could take with the money we've spent on The Happiest Place on, knowing we may not be back for a whole year, we decided to Disney our brains out. Y'all, best trip ever! We had so much fun! 
Swimming pool shenanigans
OMG! Minnie's house!
Iron Man! Such a cool exhibit
Poor patient Syd waited a year to ride the horse carriage. Totally worth it when she was invited to sit with the driver.
Star Tours (his favorite)
Syd requested the Ferris Wheel, forcing me to overcome my fear of Ferris wheels (thank you Die Hard)
This fan may have saved our marriage
Syd was NOT having this, but E and A loved it
I love this. The first time we went Averson was 10 weeks old and so, so smooshy!

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