Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hooky Day

Last Wednesday I called in to work (with two weeks advance notice, because I'm nerdy that way) and we pulled E out of school for a mid-week trip downtown. Eli got a family pass to the art museum and had been asking/begging to go. I had my reservations about three kids to an art museum, but it was SO FUN! Totally going back. There were cool things for the kids to do, and they loved the more traditional gallery parts. We even ate lunch in the fancy cafe (less fun and less likely to be reenacted).
Making art
This touch screen wall was a family favorite
Not touching, I swear
Eli's "Robin Hood wearing a tuxedo"

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  1. Syd in the gallery-- what a cool picture!!! Also, Avery is a full-on KID-- I love the picture of her drawing-- such concentration! This looks like a super fun day.