Sunday, February 8, 2015


You guys. I need help. Avery's birthday is at the end of the month and I have nothing planned. Eli ride Thomas the Train and Syd went a tiny theme park, but I can't think of anything for Averson. She likes pretending to drive, but I doubt a dealership would let that fly. Am I ridiculous if I throw a baby party for her baby friends? And what should the theme be? Poor third baby. I'm not even sure what her favorite food is. Pizza crust stolen off my plate? Squeeze applesauce?
Seriously. This is the kind of shit that sends kids to therapy. MOTY.


  1. Mary has the same brown dress with the flowers!!

    So two years ago we were in the thick of new baby and also the beginning of Charley's school struggles so we just didn't DO parties at all for anyone's birthday. And then Wes started sobbing one day that he would "never turn four again" which just broke my heart. So we invited five friends over for pizza, movies, and cupcakes and he was thrilled. Probably wouldn't work for a two year old, but wanted to share my birthday slackitude in the name of solidarity.

    Cupcakes at the playground maybe? Is the weather nice where you live?