Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stitch Fix Take #2

So I couldn't wait and scheduled my second box for a couple weeks after my first. This could become a problem...
First is this wrap dress. It's got this cool teal and navy design and doesn't look like sausage casing. I'm on the fence because of the price, but it's so so pretty.
You can't tell, but this one is navy with a brown braided collar detail. Pretty eh. Maybe a bit matronly. C said I looked like a nun.

Navy skinny jeans and the Rosa Tab Sleeve Blouse. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I never would have picked this collar for myself. But look! It matches my favorite scarf!

This shirt is bad. It's sheer, clingy, and covered in spots of neon pink. Only my tenacity to see a project through dictated an action shot.

I adore this business. I didn't buy any of these clothes at Ross, Old Navy, or Goodwill, they look cute, and I didn't go to the mall. #winning

1 comment:

  1. Agree about the white shirt, but everything else is fantastic. I don't think the navy dress looks matronly - needs some jewelry and a cute purse or wow shoes. You look great!