Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Shenanigans

I totally splurged at the Gymboree 12.99 sale so Easter was especially adorable. 

Avery and Sydney had dresses that matched their BFFs. OMG. So freaking cute!

And outfits #2 for church. I actually had other outfits that I kept pristine and perfect in the closet. So of course, 15 minutes before we needed to leave I realized that Averson's was WAY too big. Luckily I had these stashed for a wedding next month.

I loved the baskets this year! Summer hats, swimsuits, a bag of gummy bunnies, and the cute BFF/twinsy outfits (I've decided that this is my year to match as much as possible. Brace yourself!) 

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