Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break done right

And in completely random order :)

A couple months ago I had a sudden and overwhelming urge to sit on a porch, drink coffee, and stare at a tree. Spring break coincided with a Tuesday holiday so I hopped on VRBO and booked a "cabin" near Tahoe. You guys. I may never camp again. We were in the woods, but I had a bed, a coffee pot, and a shower EVERY. DAY. It was amazing. We spent four amazing days hiking, fishing, and hanging out. Seriously. It was about the most perfect vacation ever.

Perfecting the family selfie

This water was basically melted snow. These people are freaking crazy.


Mission accomplished

Could this be any more perfect?

I think C found his fishing buddy. Eli's not so into it, but Syd is all over it.

His version of heaven

Followed closely by this


They kept running obstacles around these trees and yelling, "Supergirl!!!" 

Sweaty selfie mid-hike

Monkey see...

Monkey do

"Refueling" after I accidentally made them hike 2+ miles basically straight uphill, scrambling over rocks

It was cold up there!

This kid hiked so hard that she finished her dinner for maybe the first time ever

This cabin was seriously adorable

C wrote me an e-mail today that said, "I want to go back to Tahoe." We had such an amazing time and now we have to win the lottery and buy our own little cabin. I'll let you know how that goes.


  1. Oh wow and wow. That is perfect.

  2. You really did it. That looks like a fabulous trip. Hugs!!