Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to School, Back to School...

Name that tune :)

This last week both Eli AND Sydney went back to school. And in a surprising twist of fate, our new(ish) school district does full-time Kindergarten. When Eli went it was half-day and so that's what we were expecting for Syd. I was totally fine with her making this transition until I realized that she'd be in school all day. Like a legit kid. Thinking about her eating lunch and then going back to class got me a little choked up.

I took the day off so that I could do drop off and pick-up. Syd's class had a parent participation scavenger hunt (OMG. All the snowflakes!), so I was actually able to participate in something. Maybe now her teacher will recognize me six months from now. Syd was great and didn't hesitate at all. She'd made new friends and was ruling the carpet by the time I left. That one. She's a force.

Eli jumped right back in. He loves his teacher and is making friends. He's also taken on his role as big brother with a passion. He very seriously walked Syd to her classroom and kept giving her tips and tricks. Then he introduced himself to her teacher. Love that kid so much.
Syd's backpack kills me. I love it in all it's enormous glory.

Eli was more excited than he looks, but he's become too cool for all my mamarazzi ways. Syd was as excited as she looks. Avery wanted in on the fun so grabbed a toy lunch box and her backpack to photobomb the Bigs.


  1. Love the backpack! L had all day K too, it chocked me up at first too. Avery's school get up OMG-the cutest!

  2. Never saw such enthusiasm for the first day of school. Triple cuteness.

  3. Avery is hilarious! And I KNOW-- all-day kindergarten is HUGE. Such cute back to school pics

  4. OMGOODNESS..... so stinkin' cute!! What a great big brother these girls have!! the fact that A had to be in the picture is so darn cute!! cute!!