Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ready for some football!

We played hooky and headed to Super Bowl City yesterday. My folks mentioned they were going and it occurred to me that it was a phenomenal idea. When else would we ever be this close and able to check out the craziness so easily? So the bigs and I took a "Mental Health Day." We spent all day downtown, most of it I spent either carrying Averson or with her strapped to my back (she was a bit mommy-clingy in the crowds). Seven miles according to my Fitbit. Still not sorry we left the stroller behind, but my poor muscles are super sore today.

Their first BART experience. First time stepping over homeless people and circumventing ambiguous puddles too. They loved it! And they also loved hearing about all of our MAX adventures when Eli was a car-hating baby in Portland.

We headed back out finally at ten. Poor Syd crashed the fuck out on the train :)
Party tomorrow, including a pepperoni covered, football shaped cheese ball I'm particularly proud of. And on Monday we eat kale.

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