Friday, June 17, 2016

Catch up

We're going to Comic Con for Eli's birthday tomorrow, so the entire purpose of this post is to get caught up so that tomorrow I can post ridiculously nerdy pictures. Like, SERIOUSLY nerdy. We're not really all that cool at all.

Syd went horseback riding with her old troop to celebrate the cookie season and loved it so much. It made me realize how much I miss dirty boots and the smell of animals. Seriously considering taking riding lessons with her, but that feels a bit too bougie even for us. Also, this is definitively not a pony. She's just very small. And stubborn because the big horses pick on her. Basically a perfect match for Syd. 

We chicken-sat again. Avery's still the only one who will come near the chickens. 

We also "borrowed" their above ground pool

After church camp they leave all the bouncers up for a family wrap up. That's Averson on the right and Syd on the left. No fear. 

And we discovered SnapChat. I can't figure out how it's social media but the filters are pretty fun. My friends all have filters that make them look  even more beautiful. This is the closest I can get. 
In work news, my boss's boss announced that he's stepping down today and I have a lot of feelings about that. It's just started feeling like we're making some major culture progress and he's been a driving force. The options for his replacement are pretty scarce. On top of that, I just realized that somehow I'm one of the most senior supervisors. That feels an awful lot like realizing that your parents are trusting you home alone WAY before you're ready. That makes me a not-so-crazy candidate for the position (which I absolutely do not want). It's all very disorienting. Lottery tickets...

And now we're caught up! Tomorrow we're going to Comic Con and Eli's going to get his picture taken with Big Show. I'll tell you all about what an amazing gift this convention was and show you pictures of Syd in her rainbow unicorn costume and Avery in her turtle girl dress. It's going to be amazing.

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