Thursday, October 6, 2016

Everyday I'm hustling

And just like that, it's been almost a month between posts (not counting the one where I was showing off my purse). Ugh. I'm still in the chief position, and though it's still crazy busy I at least am starting to feel a little bit more like I've found my sea legs. I may even, just a little bit, not even, but maybe kind of am starting to enjoy it. (Don't tell anyone.) I was getting really overwhelmed there for a minute. I was having lots of swimming dreams and a particularly subtle one where my work cell kept getting bigger and bigger, then someone broke the screen and no one would believe I hadn't dropped it. Takes an astute dream interpreter, right?

I wear suits! (sometimes, not always)
 (also, WTF with my face? I think its getting crookeder)
I'm not sure if it's a common experience, but when I get busy and I'm trying to learn something new, I get very engaged and hyper-aware. I feel like I've been running on all six cylinders a lot more lately (and then crashing like the dead every night.) Even my home stuff feels more energized, or at least I'm cramming a lot more into it. There's a psychology grad school game where you debate which symptoms you'd prefer to have if you had to pick and I've always picked hypomania. I've always liked energy, and caffeine.  I would have loved meth I think. At least until the skin picking, teeth rotting part. Then maybe notsomuch. Anyhoo. So I'm pretty busy and a teensy bit manic.

And this is what happens when I "run in real quick" after work

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  1. I have felt the same way this semester, between two courses (one a prep) at two schools, rowing, and then I added a freelance science ed writing gig. Mania is a good way to describe it. Except for last night when mania was replaced by grown-up tantrum, overconsumption of Chinese food and alcohol, and an early bedtime. But I should have been grading. Oops. What would you call that?