Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Glorious weekend and introspection

I just looked on my phone for pictures to blog, and I have almost NOTHING since the last time I wrote. I think that's indicative of 1) how much I've been working and 2) how much I'm not working whenever I get a free moment. I've just about overdosed on technology I think. Except for the binge watching of American Horror Story: Hotel I've been doing on my laptop due to the solidly not-kid-friendly nature of the genre.

This is literally all I've got. I took Friday off originally to chaperone a field trip, but that got canceled so I crammed my art docent obligations in instead. I got to pack all my supplies in my awesome African basket that I bought from a corner bodega in San Francisco (the cool factor goes up with ever detail of that sentence.) So of course C and Averson had to play with it. This is why I hide my nice things.
The weekend was cold and rainy and wonderful and all of our plans got canceled except for Syd's soccer game. There are no words to explain how wonderful that was. I watched two movies! The kids and I went to see Ghostbusters (which I loved!) and then C and I rented The Martian since we'd both read the book. We liked the book better. I finished reading End of Watch and started a new book. The church carnival got canceled so they served pancakes and bacon instead. I watched four episodes of AHS. Syd and I made grilled cheese sandwiches and rice krispy treats. It was really the best weekend ever. 

And then it was back to work. I have been in non-stop meetings all day Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday afternoon I couldn't figure out why my stomach hurt on my out. I pulled in my driveway and realized that I hadn't eaten or peed all day. That busy. Which leads me to...
I decided that I am going to ride out this temporary assignment but I'm not going to apply for the position. It sort of came to a head today when I heard that they'd begun accepting applications and I may have missed the deadline (I didn't.) I wasn't all that upset, and actually I was a bit relieved. I will be great at this job, someday. What I'm realizing though is that I miss what I was doing, and I think it's in my best interests to keep doing that for awhile. I'm not having much fun, even though I'm learning a lot and it's super busy and I've got a lot going on. I'm not naive, and I know that not every day can be great, but I still solidly fall in the camp of if I'm going to spend 40+ hours here, I better have some fun. It's freeing to have decided that. Now I just do the best I can, without worrying about it being a prolonged interview. 

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  1. That IS the best weekend ever. I love it when everything gets cancelled--almost better than when you just have an open weekend to begin with!

    Congrats on the job decision. You should enjoy your work!