Monday, November 7, 2016

Catching up - Halloween!

So it turns out that Daylight Savings Time is AWESOME when you don't have to be anywhere. I found myself quietly wandering a silent house at 6:30 this morning while all of my sickies slept. I'm at about 70%, which technically means I could've gone to work if C wasn't hovering at about 10%/catatonic. So I'm cleaning and resting and may venture out to the grocery store and will definitely be doing our laundry and dishes.

And catching up on the blog. I looked back and it's been THREE WEEKS since my last post. I briefly had thoughts of participating in NaBloPo, but damn. I almost went an entire month without posting. Daily seems overly ambitious.

Halloween has become at least a weeklong event with school parties (not for the Bigs this year), Trunk or Treats, and Scout parties.

These were the original costumes
Wonder Woman! Loved this so much when I found it in the bottom of a bag of hand-me-downs. She wore it to preschool, but with pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt, and without the cape, crown, or boots. It was an ambiguous costume to say the least.  

Zombie Princess! This is the only costume I put any work into. She wore it to ComicCon and I think she got overwhelmed by the attention because she was OVER IT by the time Halloween happened. Still an awesome costume though. 

Fighter. Totally thrown together but he owned this one. Mad Props to the Boy Scout photographer for the legit shot to memorialize this.
And then there was actual Halloween

Both girls changed their minds from their original costumes (Avery twice), making me very grateful that I hadn't put a ton of time and energy into their first ideas this year. I was a little bummed about the Zombie Princess. I learned years ago though to let go of my Pinterest-y goals of homemade, original costumes. The kids mostly came up with their own this year, they loved them, and they wore them without complaint. Bonus that it cost me almost nothing. I would've gone whole-hog if they'd wanted it but I'm totally cool with them being creative and independent.
Entirely inappropriate birthday gifts from my girlfriends. "Luckily" most of our kids can read now, so advance apologies for anyone that discusses the Gliterati with them. Because we love sparkles so much. #girlpower #lieswetellchildren

My zombie princess changed course and went as a football player. Easiest, comfiest costume ever. 

Fighter, Football player, and "Little Einsteins" (not Rocket or any specific character)
Our friend offered to let Averson borrow this costume and she was so overcome with gratitude that all she could manage was a whispered, wide-eyed "Thank you!"  She was adamant that she was not a character though, and yelled at several people about it. 

Dressed up for our work Trunk or Treat. I'm in the middle. NOT the comfiest, easiest costume but it was a hit. Pro tip: If you wear control top pantyhose as a top, your strapless dress will slide down. Keep that in mind at work functions.  


  1. I cannot stop laughing at the last caption. Hysterical. YOu look amazing.