Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Plague

I blame the flu shots (which are mandatory for state employment thankyouverymuch). Thursday I had to drive to our state headquarters, and by the time I got there I was noticing the tell-tale tickle in the back of my throat. I muscled through and thought that I'd make it through without casualties. By Friday afternoon I was sniffing loudly in the back of the conference room and no one was making eye contact with me.

Friday afternoon Syd spiked a fever and passed out on the couch. She and I were out all day Saturday while C ran point with Eli and Averson. I day-napped, went through a box of Kleenex, and binge-watched Shameless.

Saturday, C woke up feeling very sorry that he'd slept in the same room with Syd and I. Because I have my priorities straight, I drugged him up and made him rally to get our Christmas card pictures done before my photographer moved out of state. Averson fell asleep on the way there. At 9:00 in the morning. (collective "Fuck") I literally told everyone, "Just half an hour. Then we can all go home and die."

So we did. So far Eli seems to be clear, but the rest of us are a gross, snotty, emotional, semi-conscious mess. I Prime Now'd soup last night and today I stumbled to the kitchen to throw together peanut butter sandwiches and ice waters. I called out of work tomorrow partly because I want people to know that they should stay the fuck home if they're sick, but also because even if I do feel better, C is going to be a mess and we have no food or clean laundry.

So con: We're all disgusting and emotionally fragile
Pro: Shameless is an awesome show and I've lost two pounds.

Poor booger trying to fake it. And Avery too. 

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  1. OH NO! I hate it when we're all sick because when I am sick I just need to lie down in a dark room and moan my way through 27 consecutive hours of TV, and kids get in the way. Also, did sick kids behave better for family pictures Because I kind o feel like mine would be way easier to handle that way. (I am terrible).