Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Break part 3

I absolutely should be grading the hundreds of discussion boards that I'm behind on but OMG I do not want to grade anything right now. I also don't want to be prepping for my class. Basically I'd like to avoid adulting if at all possible. 

Because we love a good roadtrip, we followed up our trip home with another 8 hour drive to Denver. 

Our house there was equally cool and I felt hipper just being in it. The upside of all these cute houses is that I want to trash all my crap and start over in my house. Preferably with no stuff because empty houses are pretty houses!

Our main goal in Denver was to go to the Downtown Aquarium. We also decided at the last minute to try to get a tour of the Denver Mint. The tours are hard to get, but we were able to sign up for the very last one of the day by getting there at the butt-crack of dawn. Tickets in hand, we met up with my aunt to see the fish. It was just us and about 300 elementary school kids (aka SO LOUD.) But the kids LOVED it. 

Especially the mermaid show. Syd was adamant that we get her picture with a mermaid because a boy in her class had tried to tell her that mermaids weren't real. I think she may have been suspicious watching the show, but she was a good sport nonetheless. 

Everyone loved petting the stingrays until one splashed Averson. 

And then C got DRENCHED. So 2/5s of us went to lunch looking like we'd wet ourselves. 

 The Mint was awesome! I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. No pictures because national security and all of that. All three kids found it interesting. Avery also really liked talking to the policewoman who escorted our group. Who also encouraged Syd to practice safe-cracking. So there's that...

Eli's totally reading Bossypants and loving it. 
The next day we went to the zoo. We were there super early, since C had a tattoo appointment that afternoon. It's a really nice zoo and there were a ton of baby animals, including a surprise baby giraffe. Take that, April! This zoo didn't even know she was pregnant. Apparently she was on birth control and they're still waiting for the DNA test to prove who the father is.
Collecting these smashed pennies has become one of my favorite vacation traditions. I *may* have even googled the locations of the machines. 

As we were leaving, Averson started giggling and said, "I drank pretend milk from it's nipple!" So we're lucky she didn't bring home a souvenir case of e-coli. 

The drive home was pretty unremarkable. Because there was ice on the last pass between us and home, we stopped early in Nevada (before we ended up at the Bates Motel in BFE Nowhere.) That meant a pizza picnic, cable TV, and swimming! 

 I foresee a lot of muscle shirts this summer. 

They rode for over two hours like this. 
Getting a dog sitter was one of the best decisions we made in this whole thing. 1) I didn't spend 40+ hours in the car with two 50lb, crazy dogs. 2) My dog sitter kept my house intact. 3) She made us this super sweet collage when we got home.

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