Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stream of Consciousness

I have a whole slew of disjointed blog ideas in my brain, so I thought I'd go back to an oldie but a goodie

1) My new favorite thing to say at work is "Who did he eat?" We currently have THREE cannibals in our unit. I don't know what the base rate of cannibals is, but I'm guessing it's an overrepresented population in my particular area. Coincidentally, my second favorite thing to say is "Which cannibal is that one?" Also, poor C had to help me research what humans taste like (welcome, gross Googlers and fellow cannibal afficiandos!) because sometimes my mind gets away from me.

2) Averson started preschool this week! Facebook memories reminded me that we waitlisted her last year too, so apparently sliding in at the last second is how we roll. She is so happy to be back at school. She was giddy all day yesterday. Like, so happy it was kind of annoying.

3) After a long hiatus I got another Stitch Fix box (my 17th?!) It was good timing because a) It's one million degrees still and I hate all of my clothes and b) apparently I've gained back all the weight I lost on Whole30 plus some. I didn't take pictures of everything, but I fell in love love love with this dress. Enough so that I almost wore it to work. And then I chickened out which was good because my strictly office day turned into a housing unit day and the stairs and walkways are made out of perforated metal which means I would have been showing my chonies to everyone. So I love the dress but I'm too chicken to wear it to work until I can wear tights without dying of heat stroke.


4) There is an Orangetheory opening near my house, and I got a deal on a monthly membership by signing up months in advance (at least I think it's a deal, I'm not really sure.) Back in May October seemed very far away, but now it's not. Please tell me you love OTF and that you got stronger and thinner just walking in the door.

5) It's been a million degrees out and my dogs are going stir crazy in the house. And they're really big and obnoxious. It's too hot to walk them (and I'm too lazy), and they only last about ten minutes in the yard. So they come in and bash about like over-testosteroned teenage boys. It's driving me batty. On top of that, I'm trying really hard not to let the kids stare at the TV all afternoon after school, so they're flitting about bored too. Thank God for cheap beer.

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