Sunday, September 3, 2017

Never a dull moment

I've taken almost no pictures this week, but we've been pretty busy. It's been a million degrees all week (seriously) so we've been trying to keep everyone from killing each other without sending them outside. It's going...

Thursday night I came home giddy with the prospect of finally doing some laundry and actually making dinner. So of course my four year old throws out her freaking neck shaking out a garbage bag so she could join in the garbage sack races. So instead of laundry and food, I spent three hours holding a hot, sleeping, whimpering kid and praying she didn't have any permanent damage. When she woke up still crying and unable to move even after a generous dose of Motrin, we loaded the whole fam-damily up and headed to the ER. Two hours and $50 later, we had a dose of Tylenol, dinner from a vending machine, and a diagnoses of "tweaked neck." Because of course.

Feeling much better and probably getting the plague from the hospital toys

Saturday a girlfriend invited me to "Bring a buddy day" at her gym. It was a circuit style workout and it kicked. my. ass. Dear Lord, they did a lot of squats. But I think I've come to terms with the fact that I really need other people around to shame me out of slacking. There is no way I would have done that on my own. I signed up for an OrangeTheory that is opening next month. If this gym was any indication, I am going to love it (assuming I can walk afterwards.) Also, most of my most recent "Girls day" activities have required waivers, which I think is kind of ridiculous and awesome.

We took the kids to see Cars 3 and I absolutely did not tear up at the emotional struggle of an anthropomorphized racecar. And definitely not twice. It was super cute and not nearly as crowded as we expected. On a roll, we decided to watch The Dark Crystal with the kids. Dude. That movie is fucking weird. Most of the time when I try to introduce my old favorites to them, I find that the plot moves too slowly. This one held their attention, but I think because they were trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. Syd declared this morning "It may not be a repeat."

We're planning on taking the kids out into the world tomorrow, since the temperature is supposed to be below 110. Plan B is to go back to my friend's gym because I'm a masochist. I forgot how good it felt to be exhausted though, and they called me an athlete so I'll pretty much do anything they want me to. If only it wasn't a 30 minute drive away...

Does anyone have experience with OrangeTheory? Help me reassure myself that it's totally worth the price and will have me looking less like a suburban mom when C and I take our vacation next year.

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