Monday, December 11, 2017

Cali kids camp in the winter

 By some crazy coincidence, 3/5s of the Chiconky family ended up camping last weekend. Apparently our holiday festivities now include a weekend of camping? Eli and his Boy Scout troop took their bikes on a ferry to a decommissioned military base, where they biked and camped overnight. They had to carry their gear on their backs and I was told EMPHATICALLY that he should pack as light as possible. So he went with a sweatshirt, a toothbrush, deodorant and a sleeping bag. He tried to save room by skipping the toothbrush and deodorant but I pulled rank. He may not use it but it's there.

Sydney and I signed up for a "She and Me" Girl Scout camp months ago, when I was optimistic about both the weather and my free time in December. I am SO glad though, because it was super fun and if I'd had to decide about it more recently I wouldn't have gone. We went to the Girl Scout lodge out in BFE nowhere. I was a little concerned because I had the stereotypical "Scout Mom" in mind, and the thought of sleeping in a huge dorm with over a hundred moms and sneuxflakes made me twitchy. But you guys? It. Was. Awesome. We had such a good time. I have such a romanticized idea of camp in my mind and now I'm convinced that it's every bit as awesome as I thought it would be when I was a kid. We did crafts and cooked brownies in a campfire and took awesome but not too hard hikes. But we also had flush toilets and beds and real food cooked in a kitchen. It was perfect. And Syd is such an awesome side kick and so fun to hang out with. I literally can't wait until we can go again. And they have a leader camp that's for adults and they spent the whole weekend doing crafts and singing songsand OMG my nerd is showing.

Just chilling on the fence weaving a lanyard. Like you do.

Consolation cocoa after they canceled the campfire and smores because it was about 12 degrees

Camp bunks! Way more fun than home bunks
Trust hike. And neither of them suffered significant injury despite their best efforts. 

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