Monday, December 31, 2018

CHRISTMAS!!! (All the pictures!)

We packed the house to the gills for Christmas this year and it was loud and crazy and so much fun! My brother, sister-in-law, sister, and nieces all stayed with us Christmas week, and then my cousins came up the day after and rented an airbnb down the street. It was basically a week of cooking and running amok, just as it should be.

My awesome friend invited us for cookie decorating and ornament making. Don't they look delicious?!

Festive AF for his Scout party

I met Santa! Outside TJ Maxx. And that's his convertible :) 

I volunteered in Averson's class party. This is the only picture without someone else's kid in it. Also, I was at the cup stacking station and I was NOT PREPARED. Who knew Kindergartner's needed a bouncer? 

I couldn't get them in their jammies but I DID get Atticus in antlers, which is a close second. 

Christmas Eve jammies, play dough, and Googly Eyes. So much shrieking. 

Living her best life. I'm going to have to detox all of them in 2019

Scout was also living her best life

Christmas Eve Ugly Sweater Cookie Competition. I think this is going to be a new tradition. 

I *heart* this mantle so very very much

I also *heart* this guy, even in beard ornaments (the fact that he put them on symmetrically says so much about him)

Who else got a Scruff a Luv? Averson loves it :/

My neighborhood puts up luminarias on Christmas Eve and it's magical AF

Santa brought her the helmet she wanted! 

My step-mother sent them all Build-A-Bear gift certificates so we braved the mall the day after Christmas. I love how different their choices were

The three of them spent most of Christmas here and it was about the coziest thing ever

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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! This one was a tough one, since we always spent it with my dad, but I think having the chaos here really helped. We have friends coming in for New Years, but I think the next few weeks are going to feel very quiet. 

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