Sunday, December 9, 2018

Thanksgiving in Colorado

Seeing as how Christmas is SIXTEEN days away, I should probably get caught up on Thanksgiving! At the last minute, we decided to make the sixteen hour drive home to spend Thanksgiving with our families in Colorado. The timing wasn't great, and we had to scramble to get a sitter for the Hellbeasts, but I'm so glad we did it.  We broke each drive into two days (despite my inclination to muscle through, I've learned how we're all a lot happier when we stop if we want to, and we wanted to.) We were able to stay at my in-laws, which saved us a ton of money and let us hang out with everyone a lot more. It was perfect. The kids were hoping for snow and I was... not. My California kids are not well outfitted for snow and I wasn't interested in investing in snow gear for a week. I also wasn't looking forward to trying to drive in storms. Lucky for all of us, it snowed on Thanksgiving day, just enough for a snowball fight (if you're from California and have a low bar for accumulation)

Averson helped make the salad. She said she needed the knife practice for when she studied animals...

Matching owies after an over-enthusiastic hug. Down the stairs.

My brothers! In the same room!

Accidentally getting drunk with my mother-in-law. Oops.

The girls reenacting my experience on the inaugural alpine slide ride almost thirty years ago, when the sleds had questionable brakes and steering and I nearly took out a deer. 

And it just so happened that while we were there, they installed my dad's memorial bench. I'm so glad we got a chance to see it while we were in town. I am eternally grateful to everyone who helped make it happen. He doesn't have a headstone anywhere, so this is as close as we're going to get (and better, if you ask me.) 

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