Thursday, October 10, 2019

Random Thursday

C called me tonight on my drive home, and I could tell that he was DONE. So while he vegged out in his stretchy pants I reed the kids crap and took them to Family Music Night at school. Between his Boys Trip and tonight, I am earning some serious wife points here

Why yes, the girls DID make soda can maracas  and PVC pan flutes. They also learned how to whistle using rigatoni. So many party tricks!

If you’re going to feed them crap, may as well pile it on them first. Also we are officially too many people for a quick drive-thru run. Also also, is anyone else really grossed out by how the car smells after you buy fast food? 
Eli missed the fun because he had practice. This isn’t a picture of practice though because I decided that I’m a grown up and don’t need to spend every evening sitting in a camp chair making awkward small talk and watching my kid run laps 

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