Friday, September 27, 2019

Where I left you

I really need to figure out how to blog from my phone, because obviously doing it on the computer isn't working. So to catch up, I last left off having toured the roof of the prison. This week, I toured the basement. It seems like a nice bookend. I will say that the basement is MUCH creepier and more interesting. The prison was built in the 50s, so some of the basement rooms still had dirt floors. There are warehouse spaces with literal antique medical equipment. Allegedly there are ghosts. It was really cool.

In other news...
I took the kids to the zoo

Averson won the award for best animoji ever

I started walking the dogs. Again. But I realized that it's exponentially easier one at a time so now it's actually a pleasant experience! 
I went to a training in a pyramid (and took a really terrible selfie)
Trash Pandas, Unite! 
And Eli stepped up so I never have to squeeze onto the tiny train again

I hired a housekeeper and I love her so so much

I am leaning ALL IN to Fall and all things festive, so I'm hoping I'll have more interesting and timely things to say soon!

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