Saturday, August 8, 2020

Bits and pieces

99% of the recent pictures on my phone are of Taco, and while he really is the cutest thing ever and he met the mailwoman today in an absolutely precious exchange, I promise we've been doing some other stuff too. 

On Saturday mornings I like to wake up before everyone else (and before it gets hot) and read my book outside while I drink my coffee. My little shadow has been joining me lately and it's one of my favorite parts of the weekend. It's also the quietest that she is all day. C has started calling her the "Happy Handful" and it really fits. 

I'm also trying to get more "movement" (I started Noom and discovered that if I call it "exercise" there's too much pressure. Trying a new thing.) When I go, I like to bring Scout as much as I can so I'm not tempted to abandon her in the woods. I thought the pink inspirational tee was a nice contrast to the chain collar. She felt quite sassy, I could tell. 
She can ride! 
This has been my backyard for the last three weeks. I wish I had a better "before" but trust that the old deck was a death-trap. Or at least a broken-ankle-trap. We (I) got inspired and ripped up a bunch of boards. Then we (C) found out that apparently there's a lumber shortage. C finally got his delivery yesterday. It's going to be so pretty! And safe! And not rotten!

A couple weeks ago we went up into the foothills to see if we could see the NEOWISE comet. We maybe saw it? Or maybe we just really really wanted to? It was fun either way to snuggle up with this guy in the dark, masks and all. 
Gratuitous Taco shot
 We're doing pretty well on our hiking commitment. Last weekend I thought I was so clever putting my selfie stick in my daypack to elevate the family selfie. It was... not elevated. These are by far our worst hiking pictures ever. I threw out the selfie stick as soon as we got home. Unpictured is the gorgeous creek behind us and the fallen trees that made the best "Floor is Lava" training ground yet. Pictured is a terrible angle of my belly, far too much gray, and Averson's half-eaten sandwich. 

We have a few more days before distance learning starts. I was able to talk to Averson's teacher last week and she assured me that, at least the second grade, would not be on Zoom for 6 hours a day. It feels doable but since the teachers aren't actually back to work yet, we still have no idea what the schedules for C and the girls will be. I'm going to telework the first few days while we work out the rhythm. I have not set up a "classroom" which feels like Facebook-mom sacrilege, but we found last year that the kids did great at the kitchen table, with options to travel if they got antsy or needed some space. I'm packing their supplies into their backpacks which will, hopefully, keep them organized as well as provide some clear distinction of when school is over. I'm trying to think of something fun for the first day of school pictures. I didn't get the PJs I'd planned but honestly? My kids have been sleeping in their clothes anyway. No need to put on airs. 

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