Sunday, August 9, 2020


 OMG. You guys? C got his schedule and he’s committed to multiple classes NEARLY EVERY HOUR. We still have no idea what Syd’s class is going to look like. And we’re still waiting to hear from Eli’s independent study program but he won’t get text books until a week after school starts. Even with my mom helping, I think there’s a real good chance that the bulk of school work is going to have to be done in the evenings which on one hand is fine but on the other hand really sucks. It means that the kids will have all their leisure time while we’re working, and I’ll get to spend my evenings cooking, cleaning, and fighting with them. 

I know I’m being whiny. We’ll figure it out and we’ll be fine. I really would’ve preferred a simpler line-up though. 

We tie-dyed first day of school shirts today. Even if we have no idea what we’re doing and we might be slowly dying of anxiety on the inside, at least we can look a little zen on the outside. Also my grass is purple now. 

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