Tuesday, February 16, 2021

This girl #humblebrag

I just want to brag on this girl a little bit. She has been working SO HARD on her distance learning and time management, and within the last few months she's gone from still working on her school work when I'm making dinner at 6:00 to now she's regularly done by 12:00 or 1:00, right on par with her brother and sister. Her grades are great and the biggest concern these days is that her chromebook has glitchy A/V. On top of all of that, she took her reading assessment last week and jumped four levels up to a late 5th grade level. Her teacher said she probably would have kept going and she probably would have gone up to mid-6th grade but they ran out of materials.  I took her to our local bookstore to pick out new books and she was just so sweet and excited and grateful. She spent a long time deciding between four different animal books before landing on these two, but she asked me to take a picture of the others so she could ask for them for her birthday. 

It's hard to be the youngest and even harder when you've all been stuck together for a year, but she remains such a fun, funny, joy to be around and it's so fun to see her little, kind of odd, brain at work. 


  1. What sort of stuff does she like reading? Former fifth grade reading teacher and YA-lover here.

    1. Ooh!! She loves anything having to do with animals. Any recommendations would be awesome!!