Monday, December 20, 2021

Squirrels don't need coffee!

My mom had a scan on Friday night, which is typically kind of a mundane appointment. However, I have never been privy to this VERY SPECIAL waiting area before. Imagine that you've trekked through the deepest recesses of a very stereotypical hospital, at night, on a Friday, only to be ushered into THIS room

What in the actual fuck? It's not a pediatric area. It's just the regular radiology area, except late so the main waiting area was closed. This weird, skinny room had lots of signs for "patient changing area" so I'm guessing it's where patients go once they're brought back? I have no idea. It is NOT soothing or relaxing though. It's like a weird acid dream if you were also on Chantix and in another dimension. Plus the seats had this weird 8 inch gap where a backrest should be, forcing you to literally perch on the edge of your seat.  
Why is there a sloth? Sloths don't share habitats with red squirrels, foxes, and bunnies, right? I mean, I think it's like a whole different continent. And why are the butterflies so fluorescent? And why is this squirrel drinking from a tiny to-go cup?!?! 


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  1. This is hilarious!!!! I’m so confused, too!!
    I so love that you took specific pictures to blog!