Thursday, December 9, 2021

Stream of consciousness

It has been A WEEK. Averson tanked after her second shot. Choices were made in the house that resulted in a lot of consequences and strong feelings. I was PMSing, so everything felt that much more terrible. And yet. There have been some delightful silver linings. 
Averson finished soccer with a tournament that was so cute and she *almost* got a goal! It was also ridiculously cold because it's California and none of us thought to bring coats. 

The teenager has been spending more time in the common areas of the house, and it's been delightful. Like, really really nice. C and I were both remarking that we didn't realize how much we missed him. If you get a chance to temporarily seize all in-room electronics, I highly recommend it. 

I chaparoned a middle-school skate outing and this guy surprised me by showing up to keep me company. We had a delightful couple of hours pretending we'd never seen our children before. 

Someday. Someday I will learn not to shop too early for Christmas. Averson presented this as a speech, so of course I had to track it down. And of course of course, this Lego series is retired and going for STUPID money on ebay (BTW, WTF?), which triggered my competitive spirit and now I have to completely revise my present tracking sheet because... of course.

And finally, because there's no good segway so I'm going to hide my humble brag here. I had been whining to a friend (see above re PMS) about the gym and feeling like I wasn't making any progress. I missed a few days (see above re "week from hell") and went back last night. Two completely different people commented on how different I look, and another person described my squats as "absolutely beautiful" and asked how much weight was on my bar. I try not to rely on external validation, but it felt good last night and I loved hearing it. 


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  1. You and your guy look like teenagers and that photo is ridiculously cute.