Friday, February 25, 2022

Howling and handstands and pie

This is really just a photo dump of pretty pictures. Not much more to say than that. I'm on a medication right now that's got the awesome side effect of making me feel an anxious that I haven't felt in quite a while, and while it's fun in the way that winding up a swing to see how fast you can spin before you puke is, and I can get real entertaining when I get going, it's really not great when the world may literally be crumbling between WWIII and horrible people and global warming and impending fire season and tax season and teenager season and my possible abject inability to ever successfully do a damn handstand and all the things. 

BUT. We went outside. And it was lovely and I remembered how much it quiets my brain when I need it. And it seems to quiet the brains of my little anxious people too (hence the smiles and howls and handstands). 

And then there was pie that we dove in to too quickly to take a "before" picture of, which should tell you both how delicious it was and how good the hike was


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  1. I'm sorry anxiety is high. On one level, I don't know what to say about it 'cos if one is paying attention, of course it's high. Sorry that's not at all helpful.

    But--the pictures ARE pretty... and you look like an absolute ROCK STAR with those sunnies!