Friday, January 13, 2023

Rain and Spoons

First of all, I just realized that my title suggests that I'll be discussing spoons in the therapist context and I can promise you that "spoons" will never leave my mouth intentionally. I don't know why, but that whole analogy bugs me so much. But I digress. This post is NOT about mental energy to complete tasks. It is, however, about how we basically are living in torrential downpours 24/7 now. Oh my goodness. I'm about three more rainy days from building an ark. It has been raining SO MUCH. Work gave us raincoats for the end-of-year gift, and I have never been so grateful for swag in my life. And I have had so many occasions to wear galoshes that I'm now rotating between my black knee high ones and Sydney's yellow booties. And on top of the rain, we're getting this crazy wind like gusts of 70 mph that shake my 50 year old, single pane windows in a way that keeps me up at night waiting for an implosion. Further adding to the whole "Is this the apocalypse?" vibe is that trees are falling down EVERYWHERE. 

Neighbor's house

My cute raincoat. Little did I know…

BUT all this inside time has been fabulous for my new obsession, spoon carving! It really is becoming kind of problematic but I love it so much. I blew through the wood that came in my kit though, so I decided that I'd go find green wood (as suggested by fine hobbyists everywhere per the internet). Then trees started falling down. So now I have a literal wood pile on my front yard. I bet the HOA is missing my bike rack now! 

This picture? This is a GIANT log that was procured for me by one of my staff. That's what kind of situation we're looking at. I picked up a 150lb block of cedar at work and then put it in my backseat like a hillbilly. I'm one hay bale  and a pack of Camel Lights away from returning to me circa 1996.  

I just love it so much. I've gotten pretty okay with a scoop, but my next goal is an actual eating spoon. Then a spork. Then a butter knife. If you need me I'll be over here whittling...
This is what my life looks like now. We're replacing the carpet soon and I wonder if they'll be curious why it's full of sawdust...


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