Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Happy Birthday, Mom

 Today was my mom’s birthday and I wanted to mark it by making pineapple upside down cake. It was her favorite, and it always reminds me of her. But of course my day fell to shit and I got home way later than I meant to so rather than eat cake at midnight I thought “I’ll make mini cakes!” 

Spoiler alert: They definitely cool faster but mini pineapple upside down cakes? They look an awful lot like perky little boobs. So that was festive!


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom, Chiconky. Love that you're bringing sweetness to this day. Pineapple upside downs are my favorite too, and makes me wonder what would be like to meet another person who liked them too.

    They do look like boobs 🤠. For a long time, the one detail I remembered from the movie Amadeus, which we watched in middle school, was that there was a candy they called "Venus's nipples."

  2. Happy birthday to your mom. They DO look like boobs, and I love that about them.