Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Sydney turned 13!

Somehow when I wasn't paying attention, this...

turned into this! 

My teenagers now outnumber my "little" kids (OMG!) 

My headstrong, sassy little mini-me has turned into this amazing, creative, spicy teenager. With this one, it is so clear that her personality came with her from the very start, beginning with stubbornly refusing to be born until she damn well felt like it and not a minute sooner. She continues to be hilarious and witty and thoughtful and to be her own person, a trait that I'm finding exceptionally rare in 13 year old girls. She's sporty and athletic, but only if you don't make direct eye contact or talk about it too much. She watches Dance Moms almost obsessively and says that her goal is to become an NBA wife. 

We celebrated in the most typically Sydney fashion, which was to explicitly state exactly what she wanted and then go about the day pretending it wasn't a big deal. 

Her birthday donuts were hilariously depressing. Not a sprinkle in sight

This is feigned excitement for the donuts but true excitement for Sydney. Her face says it all

She asked for pink converse and a very specific pink Stanley cup that I had to search the interwebs for (because of course). Instead of a party, she asked to go to TopGolf with her two best friends. It was the most perfect Sydney celebration. Fun and ridiculous, without too much fanfare or pressure. Of course she made it just a little Extra though by coordinating matching outfits for the three of them.

Her only other request was to go to Target afterwards for snacks and cake decorations. Seriously. Easiest birthday party EVER. 

Happy Birthday, Sydney Cheyne (aka Sydney Sunshine, aka Sporty Spice)!  



  1. What a very special and individualistic 13-year-old you have! Happy, happy birthday to her and may she always know her own mind and go her own way.

  2. i would love to wear that outfit as well. HOW ARE OUR INTERNET BABIES SO BIG?