Saturday, May 13, 2023

When in doubt

We've been needing a bit of a dopamine boost around here lately, so when two little kittens were found at work I was primed to fall madly and obsessively in love (and completely disregard the dog that catches birds and moles.) One of my staff fosters kittens and agreed to take them until they were ready for their forever homes. Originally I had planned to keep one, because I am a reasonable human in a house already full of heartbeats. 

But then the fosters needed a kitten-sitter and I GENEROUSLY offered to bring the kittens home for a day. Spoiler alert: Scout didn't eat them and now we're adopting both


Have you ever seen a cuter teenager? 

I'm obsessed. It's ridiculous

But also obviously not the only one

He's wanted a kitten for so long. It's the sweetest thing ever

So in about a week or so, we'll be adding two more heartbeats to the house. I'm sure at some point I'll regret it, but maybe I'm a little bit of a cat person now? 



  1. How fun!!!! Squeeing along with you!

  2. Oh no. Now I am pretty sure kittens are what's missing around here.

  3. Hope kitten raising has been everything you wanted it to be.