Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Anniversary Trip photo dump

C and I celebrated our TWENTIETH wedding anniversary this year. TWENTY. I was 19 when we started dating. I was 21 when we got engaged. In two more years I'll have had his last name longer than I had my dad's. We have outlasted most marriages I know, and because we got married when we were literal babies, we've managed to witness several friends' second and even third marriages. I think the secret, if I'm honest, is that we got married young and stupid. We figured it out together and now I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather muck through life with. This guy makes me absolutely crazy, but he also 100%, on a cellular level, gets me. Which is how we came to celebrate our anniversary at a wood carving camp in the actual middle of nowhere. It was beautiful and crunchy and exactly how I would design the most perfect weekend away with my person. We learned how to carve spreaders (or shanks, depending on who you asked), he fished, I read and carved some more. We stumbled on the weirdest, most delightful Fourth of July festival, and we had a lovely, lovely low key weekend. The kids are big enough that we stocked the house with frozen food, named explicitly the acceptable house guests (so as not to recreate the shenanigans spearheaded by my mother last time we left them home alone) and didn't check in for two days. We came back to a clean house and happy babies. 

Yup. That's a goat. On a leash. At a concert. 

Future Tinder profile pic, should he choose not to stick around for 21

Our cute little lodge in the town with a population of 75



  1. Happy anniversary! We are 2 years behind you-- and it really does feel like forever. What a perfect celebration-- love the leashed goat (?????), and Ben has the same pink Crocs.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely getaway, it seems made just for you two. That tipping of the see-saw where your life with your person is longer than your life pre them is so special!