Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Moving on

 I sold my family's house and it was so anticlimactic that I'm having a hard time processing it. I have so many feelings wrapped up in this pile of bricks and sticks and yet I'm not finding myself grieving it at all. My parents bought it when they moved to the mountains and were bright-eyed and optimistic and while it held so, so many great memories, it feels symbolic that it always tended to make life harder than was absolutely necessary. The people who bought it are going to flip it and I hope the next people who live there are able to appreciate it for all of it's magic (and that they don't find too many of the animals that we buried over nearly 50 years of country life). 


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  2. Such a lovely house! You made great memories there and now you've moved on to another great house and are making great memories there. I'm happy that it didn't tug at you.