Thursday, May 6, 2010

39+ weeks and still pregnant

Yep. Still pregnant. I know that technically I'm not actually "due" and so can't complain, but I found a loophole. My original due date was May 2, so if you go by that I'm 4 days over. I wouldn't be so anxious, but I'm paying for my no morning sickness, no heartburn, no waddling, pretty easy trimesters, all in the last week. The worst is that my back hurts like a son of a bitch, but feels better if I spend a LOT of time walking. Like hours and hours. However, once I do that, my feet swell up to the size of hams. Seriously, bigger than my calves. My ankles have left the building. My hands also go numb, which is a new one and super awesome. But enough whining, because she'll be here soon enough. We still don't have a name, so she may be referred to as "Baby" for next six months, but she'll be here.

And now, for your viewing pleasure...
Le Belly (aka Holy Crap Where'd That Come From?)

C took this because he thought it was funny that I have to sit on the floor in order to switch the laundry. Luckily he missed how I got down there, and later how I got back up.


  1. Um, I might have to think this is just as you had no morning sickness or heart burn!!! No fair, no fair!!!
    I had 20 weeks of morning sickness and 22 weeks of acid reflux-and two weeks of both!!!!
    C should be doing the laundry.
    Very cute top.

    Good luck on the name. My sister was nameless for the first week of her life-guess you only have 7 days after the birth to come up with one.

    I recently heard the name "Everly" for a little girl and thought it was both cute and unique.

  2. LOL @ hams-- too funny.

    You look SO cute!