Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A morning in the life of Chiconky

4:13 Eli wakes me up to ask if he can lay down with us (by "us" he means right on top of me while I try to feed Syd into stupor and get a few more precious minutes of sleep). I take him back to his bed while he moans that he'll be "all al-ooooone"

7:30 Eli comes back. Lays down with his dad, much to my surprise.

8:00 Get up out of bed to a chorus of "What's for breakfast?" Feel chipper about sleeping in.

8:15 Make pancakes. Let Eli crack an egg, which he does, on the counter. Have a short fight about why he can't crack the last egg in the house. Turn on the babysitter.

8:30 Breakfast. Syd is still lying in our bed, happily cooing away. Start wondering if she's possessed, given her good mood.

9:00 Shower and get ready for a park date with a friend and her daughter. Syd's still cooing. Sure she's possessed.

9:30 Start thinking I might actually get out of the house on time. Syd starts screaming. Definately possessed.

10:15 Meet friend at park only slightly late. Eli refuses to go down slides and demands someone go with him. Refuse on the basis of butt to slide ratio. Syd screams.

11:00 Decide to leave park because it's 1,000,000 degrees and the kids are all cranky. Diffuse fight with strange little girl who spit at Eli, then called him a liar. Size up grandma and decide to walk away.

11:15 Eli destroys friend's house. I totally flash new friend and feel myself up while trying to feed Syd. Syd's content for .04 seconds. Then screams.

11:45 PIZZA!

11:46 Eli's destroying the house again. Syd, screaming.

12:15 Get Eli to pick up all the toys he spread around the house. Deftly diffuse meltdown regarding leaving AWESOME. NEW. HOUSE. Syd, not screaming.

12:30 Syd starts screaming. Head out the door, saying good byes. Silently congratulate myself for averting Eli's meltdown until we were outside. Feel optimistic.

12:32 Slam Eli's finger in the front door. Of course.

12:45 In car, ice pack secured and apologies flying. Syd, happily cooing away.

1:00 Naptime.

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  1. . . . and then what happened? I can picture every single minute. It's all about memory making.