Saturday, August 28, 2010

Truth in advertising

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture. We took this today, and I love it. It may be the first time since Syd was born that a picture was taken without one of us looking freakish. I like it too because it's exactly how I see myself as a mom. Little hippy, little soccer mom, two awesomely awesome kids. It's not 100% accurate though...
Post cropping

Obviously "housekeeper" isn't prominent in my personal identity


  1. Great picture! Not even a hint of freakishness. You look so beautiful and happy.

  2. You are such a beautiful little mommy! I like both pictures:) Your kids are awesome, and so are you!!!!! Love and kisses (we miss you.)

  3. Ok, now that I have two little ones I realize how perfect the conditions have to be to get a good picture of mom & kids where everyone looks clean, non-freakish and is looking at the camera!! (I've yet to attain this goal by the way...) Beautiful pic of you three!