Friday, September 10, 2010

Things I didn't think about in grad school

Sometimes I catch myself doing something so out there that I wonder, if I could go back and describe my life to first year of grad school me, would I be thrilled or horrified? Today I talked to a lot of women about a lot of different things. For example...

I agreed to research the following: God's view on murder vs. killing, giant bunnies, Avatar's Native American inspiration, the Salvation Army (as a military installation), and how much land one needs to keep a giant bunny.

Statements I made: You look good without the beard. Air hug! How's the head squishing going? I guess I'm not wildlife. You can't call someone a potato nose. I don't know if Catholic Charities needs a bunny.

And that's just today. I've also been accused of shaving my head to look like an inmate, having an affair with three staff members, rolling my eyes to the devil, obstructing justice, and been called "the unit's Mom."

I love this job. At least once a day I think "What the fuck just happened?"


  1. This post cracked me up. WTF just happened indeed.

    Glad you love your job ;)

  2. I pictured you calmly offering life changing insight, which was instantly appreciated, accepted, and practiced by your captive audience. Real life sounds SO much more interesting. You rock.