Monday, August 29, 2011


I am realizing that The Crazy is likely going to be something that I always go back to when my stress reaches critical mass. The fact is, we will never have "enough" money. Just like I will never have enough time, be ready for another kid, be stable enough to buy a house. There's always another rung to climb. When I was in graduate school there was a time when C and I were financially stretched thinner than thin. We were on food stamps, and our monthly budget was less than we pay now for one week of daycare. Tonight I'm grateful that 1) we can afford awesome insurance 2) we can afford a co-pay when one of the kids complains of a stomach ache and spikes a 102+ fever 3) we're secure enough that I don't resent paying the co-pay when he's diagnosed with a "stomach bug" and of course, miraculously recovers an hour later. And above all that I am grateful that my instincts were wrong and he doesn't have appendicitis. AND I'm really grateful that he's fully toilet trained and apparently can wipe his own butt now.

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  1. Word. You are so right about the crazy being a fall back when stressed but awesome, encouragement on keeping things in perspective with gratitude. May need to come back to this post now and again.