Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random random random

I've officially reached that point where, during the course of my day, I think "I should totally blog that!" BUT I'm also finding myself to be really busy and so when I get a chance to actually sit down and do it my mind is more "Uh...yeah. More pictures of the kids? Or some whiny rant about work? Eh." I can't even come up with FB statuses most days. But I hate it when I let it go too long between posts. Plus, I'm scheduled for my very first bikini wax in about 45 minutes and I'm trying to distract myself from what I anticipate will be a very awkward situation (thank you groupon, for making me think I need things I'm too embarrassed to actually do.)

So I present to you
Eli's new trick
and subsequent head injury

Sydney's duck face

Yoga pants I MADE (out of an old turtleneck, how green am I?)

On the work front, we've gotten a huge influx of new inmates and so we've been really, really busy and it's a been a bit chaotic. Add to that that the state just announced that they will be laying people off and work's been a little tense. I'm trying not to think about it too much because like most things around here, it's going to be months before anything happens. BUT if you happen to want to hire a psychologist who is most often described as "real" and will likely show up to work with banana smeared across her shoulder, you may have found your girl.

Speaking of head injuries, my kids have been knocking their noggins like nobody's business. We had Eli on the swingset. Then he knocked Sydney off that little climber backwards. This morning C tried to start a pillow fight with Eli and gave him a black eye. Then at the doctor's office Syd fell and gave herself a giant goose-egg. I'm starting to think I should be socking away money for future neurologists bills.

Like I said, random. I do have some posts brewing, including one about how I accidentally agreed to start training for a half marathon. In two months. At the crack of dawn. Eeek!

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  1. Well . . . ouch. Good thing kids bounce. Mickey broke his arm three times before he started school. I hung myself and stepped into a lawn mower at an early age. Kids will be kids and they ding themselves up regularly. At least you don't have a loft!