Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things I learned on my vacation

I love this town so very very much

I mean, I REALLY love this town

There is nothing better than eating a hippy organic burrito, from a food cart, on the steps of a public fountain, with your soaking wet babies

This place is as good for us as it is for me. Its where we became a family.

Syd loves to throw rocks. And eat rocks.

My husband can catch fish with his bare hands. Also, I should have my camera ready when he says he's going to.

There's not much better than teaching a five-year-old how to roll down a hill

Despite a couple of embarrassing, stress-induced bitch-moments, we had a really great time away. Eight years ago, C and I stood on the front porch of our first rental house in a suburb outside Portland and watched my mom drive away. We had no phone, let alone a cell, no idea how to get around, and we knew no one except our landlords. We were scared to death. Like, deer in the headlights scared. But we made it through, and it was the beginning of an amazing life we've built. We may never get to live there again, but this weekend made me realize that Portland is most definitely home. I'm committing myself to going back when we can, and to keeping a little Portland with me (like choosing a daycare with a vegetable garden and making an embarrassing and illogical number of reusable sandwich bags).

Where's home for you? And how do you carry it with you?
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  1. Such happy pictures! You know, I wouldn't hate it if you ended up back "home" in Oregon.