Saturday, December 17, 2011

Got the letter (FINALLY!)

We're headed to Choice 2. We're both a little disappointed, but also excited to move forward and put all this uncertainty behind us. Plus Choice 2 has an IKEA, so you know I'll be rocking that :)

So yeah. Next adventure? Moving a family of four, a dog, and an enormous cat to a new city in 30 days. Aaaaannnd... GO!


  1. Ta Da! You can do it. Sleep well for a week.

  2. I certainly don't envy that task Corey but as all of us have said, at least there are still jobs to be moving for. We would love to help in any way that we can - be it packing, loading a moving truck or watching the kids while you guys get stuff done :)

  3. Life is so much fun. I am so thankful for the monumental disappointment that was "choice #2" for internship. It's how I met my fiance and made the best friends of my life. Good luck with the move!!