Monday, April 23, 2012


After weeks and weeks of rain, the weather has turned A-MAZING here over the last week and we've been soaking it up (hence the sparse blogging) Our house, it turns out, is within walking distance to a ton of cool stuff. So we've been spending  a lot of quality stroller time. I love that our after-dinner walk is becoming more of a ritual than a routine. Tonight the kids and I went to check on some tadpoles that we found this weekend. No luck, maybe tomorrow. 
Eli's been wearing his Power Ranger costume to the park every time we go. It's really brought him out of his shell. He's usually a bit (painfully) awkward trying to play with other kids. He wants them to play with him but he always seems to pick kids who are a lot older, a lot younger, or already in some involved game. But the costume has totally freed him. Both times he's done it so far, he's immediately been able to orchestrate these big games with lots of kids. He shares the gear and is careful to make sure everybody gets a fair turn (little kids get more turns *swoon*) 
We hit a bunch of garage sales and C scored his dream aquarium for $30. Now he's trying to get the water right so that he can get fish. I foresee a very involved hobby...
LOTS of dinners outside. The kids absolutely love it! I love brushing crumbs into the grass :)
 This place is awesome. These people are awesome. 

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  1. That picture of E is epic! Your life looks perfect. Hush about two weeks of rain-I live where a sunny day is equivilant to a snow day-rare.