Monday, April 16, 2012

Just another Manic Monday

I started taking B12. It's basically crack sold by the health food store. A long time ago, I had a bit of a problem with pseudo-ephedrine (or a big problem, depending on when you ask me). Luckily for me they took it off the shelves, I gained a bunch of weight, and didn't have a heart attack. But the B12 is awesome, because it's all the good stuff and none of the heart palpitations. Win win! So this morning I got to work, ate my breakfast, and couldn't figure out why I couldn't keep my eyes open. Goodbye coffee, hello vitamins! Moving on...

I got to work today and there was the weirdest vibe. If it'd been a movie, there would have been ominous music playing in the background. My radar must be working because a couple hours later there was a big "incident" and the whole place got shut down. The lockdown didn't change much in my day, but the whole prison was very, very quiet. So weird.

One of my co-workers, my fellow Sunday psych, is leaving the prison to work for the UN in a warzone (on purpose). 1) How fucking cool would it be to work for the UN? and 2) pretty sure I don't have the cajones to do it. Today is his almost last day so we all bought food. If you ever want to see a work group implode, make them choose a cuisine, decide on an order, and then split the check. OMG. They/we finally decided on Thai, which I'd never had but was tired of talking about. It was DELICIOUS. I'm making it a personal goal to convince C to try it so that we can work it into the rotation. Driving home I was hit with a craving for a nice, cold beer so I stopped and grabbed a six pack (that's probably happened three times ever).

I came home to find C on the couch with a killer headache and 70 degree weather, so I quickly put pants on the baby and headed to the park. Where Syd climbed the rope ladder and Eli did the monkey bars. !

It turns out I'm no longer able to cook without Pinterest. But when I do, look out! Tonight I made a chicken mushroom pasta with cream sauce. So easy and so good! After dinner, the babies played on the back porch and blew bubbles while I enjoyed my beer. Doesn't get much lovlier.

There are Joe Joes waiting for me (and a big pile of laundry that I'm ignoring). I'm also simultaneously talking myself into and out of buying a dress for Syd's birthday. It's totally ridiculous, but yesterday it was $10 and today it's $15 so I'm totally obsessed.


  1. HA, Ha you seriously make me laugh. Also, am so impressed with what you get accomplished in a day that I may need to do the B12 thing (but with coffee).
    BTW Thai food is the BEST.

  2. Yes! Thai food is SOOOOOO good... total staple up in the Seattle area, where we got hooked!

    Oh, and if you really want to see a mess, that would be a group of accountants splitting a check... it gets ugly!

  3. you make me laugh. every time.

  4. See! I told you that stuff was awesome! I meant the B12, but now that I think about it beer and Thai are pretty awesome too.... Win win win! And buy the dress. No one ever regrets spending $15 on something adorable.

  5. P.s. It finally let me comment without the captcha being out to get me! :)